Skills you need to own on becoming a successful web or app developer

Over the last few years, web development has been rapidly gaining popularity. Owing to the world of the internet, web, and app development have undoubtedly become the future. According to statistics, the computing job market is drastically increasing – with over 1.4 million available jobs in 2020 only. Due to the growth in the computing sector, particularly software development, the number of web and app developers has been increasing every year as well. However, this increases the competition, making it harder for people to acquire jobs. From the pool of thousands of applicants, only a handful fulfill the job criterion perfectly. Following are five skills that are a must if you want to become a successful developer in 2021:

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New programming Languages

In the dynamic world of today, it is essential to know multiple programming languages to be a successful web developer. Having the ability to write your code in more than one programming language can help you select the best possible path for the given development task. Moreover, new programming languages are being rapidly developed. This is due to the increasing complexity of web development occurring nowadays. With this development, the more recent programming languages are able to handle tasks that were not possible in the older languages. Thus, even if you are proficient in JavaScript, you should keep an eye out for upcoming languages such as TypeScript and Kotlin.

Cloud Computing

Cloud has been taking over the world of computing for the past few years. More and more companies have been shifting their platforms to the cloud recently. It allows the companies for a more scalable platform, as well as help them cut their excessive costs. The most popular cloud services, nowadays, are the Amazon Web Service (AW), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. To be a successful web developer in 2020, you need to make sure that you are comfortable working with at least one of these services. If you are in the field of machine learning and AI, then these skills are almost mandatory to have.



JAMStack is an alternative to CMSes such as WordPress. It is a term made up of JavaScript, APIs, and markup. It allows web developers to build completely custom websites in a short period of time. Moreover, the developer has complete control over the security and performance of the website. JAMStack websites use the APIs to fetch data to the site and use pre-built markups as the front end. This type of web development is being widely used in 2020. It’s an efficient way of building websites and integrating powerful tools, all without a high level of complexity.

Web Accessibility

In 2020, it is essential to make websites that are useable by all people. Unfortunately, accessibility has been ignored in the past as it takes extra effort from the developers. Being able to make a more inclusive website is a big step in the success of a web developer. It is a sign of good leadership when one can deliver an inclusive website, even under the high pressure of deadlines.

Source control

Lastly, source control tools such as Git and GitHub are the must-have skills for a web or app developer. Since multiple people work on a single project, it is essential to keep all the work synced up, and this is where source control comes into play. You should be able to use at least the basic functions of Git, such as “clone”, “add”, and “commit”. Web and app development will take up the majority of the job market in the coming future. Therefore, it is necessary for a developer to have the know-how of the above skills to make sure they can land a high-level job.