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Mobile App development

Preparatory calculations are necessary to build the right architecture for mobile applications. The absence of such evaluation can lead to either an underdeveloped product that doesn’t meet consumer needs or an overdeveloped product with excessive functions. Our mobile app software development services are perfect for companies and organizations looking to create a user-friendly mobile app with a great user experience on the internet

Web App development

With our Agile approach and process, we are able to develop custom web products that serve your business processes. We create a platform for related products to communicate amongst themselves, which is necessary for your processes to thrive. Our team of developers is capable of answering questions from business owners and can create the product roadmap as it suits your goals and objectives.

Software development Services

The process of automation is a way to combine processes from development to delivery. It is necessary to use frameworks and third-party software development services that make the overall process more efficient, effective, and reliable. With the help of high-load architecture and design, it is possible to create conditions for the smoother functioning of the software in the infrastructure that can be independently maintained by each developer while providing the best software development services.


We take an end-to-end approach to help your organization evolve from a traditional business to a modern one. We use our proven methodologies and frameworks to look at your organization from different angles, identify areas for improvement and provide you with integrated solutions for governance, risk management, process excellence and that integrates well and evolves your business or just certain parts depending on the end goals.

MVP Development 

Creating a minimum viable product (MVP) is the most efficient and effective way to validate your idea. It can help you get early customer feedback and build a community around your product. We at Akuton can help you get one step closer to success by providing MVP software development services at an affordable price!

Maintenance & Support

All important components of a car engine are required to be lubricated, inspected, and cleaned on a regular schedule in order to prevent poor performance and rising costs of repairs. Your IT products should have the same level of maintenance in order to protect your system. Your business’s software products should be under continuous, professional technical support as doing so will keep your software running smoothly and protect your company’s assets.