our approach

Bringing more possibilities and opportunities  to our business partners.

our vision
Not just to be Software Engineers, but innovators, shaping the future one byte at a time and powering the beyond through technology.
our mission

Deliver high-performing, innovative enterprise software solutions, built on sound technologies that aligns with our partners visions.

About, software service company

We are a progressive and dynamic software service company that has creatively operated within the Information technology sphere since 2018. We, as a software service company, deliver reliable, cost-effective custom software solutions ranging from intelligent customization to software automation.

the akuton way

who we are

We, at Akuton are dedicated to help our clients adapt the latest technology trends and make them aware about their application’s improvement. Our main focus is on developing innovative solutions for our clients worldwide by providing 360-degree services that cover the complete spectrum of engineering and consulting services. Our development team is the Bread, Butter, and the Engine of our software service company, coupled with the support of our management team so that we can better assist our business partners in getting to the next level of their digital transformation.

our creative team and client success is our business

Our Culture

Our ethical principles and policies work as a guiding force, enabling our team members to make better decisions, based on honesty and integrity. We focused on ensuring that appropriate levels of control are in place so that external and internal regulations are adhered to. Our software service company is fuelled  and is guided by these 6 pillars of principles:

Our People

We value our team and believe in providing a professional work environment that is conducive to their growth and development.


Our ability to hold the line against challenges by practicing patience, persistence, and the love of what we do.

Customer Support

We provide superior customer service through excellent customer support and software that is always up-to-date.


Performance relies on commitment and attitude and a healthy environment fuels our team to grow, learn and have fun.

Business Ethics

We will not participate in any project which does not meet our high ethical and moral standards.


We promote Bringing positivity to our team, clients and community.

We focus on innovative tech that drives results for your businesses.